Can my child wear a jacket if he or she is in the car seat?

If your child is wearing a jacket, it may seem like your child is fully strapped in because of how big the jacket is. However, your child must be as securely harnessed as possible to avoid them sliding out of the car seat in the event of a crash. You must remove your child's jacket to avoid extra space and lack of security. You may set the jacket on top of your child after they are fully strapped into their…

Can I use my car seat if it has been damaged?

"The car seat should not be used if any part is broken, torn or missing. Do not use a car seat that has been involved in an accident. Even if the outside does not seem to be damaged, the interior structure could have been significantly damaged during the crash."

How do I wash the fabric cover?

Remove the cover and wash by hand in accordance with the instructions on the care label. Consult the instruction manual or our tutorial videos on Youtube on how to remove and wash your PERO cover.

Why should I use a 5-point harness?

The force exerted on the carseat will be significantly lessened by the five-point harness. The harness will absorb the force of a brake at a greater rate than the three-point harness as it has more points to take in the force.

How can I check if the harness is installed correctly?

"Make sure the gap between the harness straps and your child can fit no more than one adult-sized finger. If your child can freely escape the car seat, the harness straps are too loose and must be tightened. Avoid dressing your child in loose-fitting clothing, as this may prevent the harness from being tight enough for your child's safety. Always lay harness straps flat. Do not cross, knot, twist, or tie straps together."

When should I use an extra cushion?

"PERO's extra cushion must be used if your child weighs less than 15kg (33lbs) or is shorter than 80cm (31.5in). This extra cushion is designed for children transitioning between Group 0 and Group 1 car seats. It increases your child's height so that their head can properly rest on the headrest and provides much more comfort for your child's back."