All about PERO

Since 2014, PERO has created well-designed products to help families travel in a safer way. Our mission is to protect children during every trip and make them feel comfortable so you and your family can cherish every moment of the journey.

With backgrounds working in mechanics for many years, PERO’s employees create products that are safe and comfortable for children but are also easy for parents to use. During the blueprinting stage of each product, our designers put themselves in the child’s shoes and imagine every situation that may occur during a car ride. PERO has designed a wide variety of baby car seats, baby strollers and accessories to fit the needs of every customer and their child. To improve the safety and security of our children, our products are in compliance with R129.


Whether you're a first time parent or an expert, we are here to help you.


Different model of WIDFIX fit different car seats, let us help you find the best fit.


Let us help soothe your worries about child safety with our broken down details for every product.

Perfect for small cars

In 2016, PERO’s first car seat, Luce90, was born. It aimed to be the best narrow design for small cars and created a safe and comfortable car seat. It has not only become the first choice for big families, but also a representative of the narrow car seat.

Family oriented

The ideas and manifestations of PERO design come from the family members of the team. Everything starts from love, family-oriented, planning from different groups, children’s shapes and habits, and then adjusting and shaping through consumer feedback.

Taiwan Best Car Seat List recipient

With the developmental concept of ingenuity and constantly pursuing the best safety factor, PERO recipient 2021 Best Car Seat List..

Fashion and cozy

Transform into an elegant car seat with soft and graceful autumn

The new autumn series, interpreting the autumn elements of classic jewelry design